February 12, 2023

Breaking silos to become an experience-led organisation

Becoming an experience-led organisation often requires changes to your internal team structure.

For example, many companies (and Government Departments) have designers within their brand or communications team, dedicated to their external facing websites, social media channels, and marketing materials.

Alas, these practitioners rarely get to talk to - even less work closely with the UX folks focussing on the product experience for signed-in customers.

This creates a risk for your brand to grow apart from your products’ identity over time. Subtle inconsistencies in visual elements or tone of voice progressively creep in and can lead to a disjointed experience for the end users.

The marketing funnel doesn’t stop at client acquisition and point of sale. Retention and turning existing customers into referring advocates are equally important.

Any separation between marketing experts, content, and product designers is a missed opportunity to create moments of ‘high brand’ throughout the experience of your products.

Is this happening in your organisation? Have you ever witnessed close collaboration between brand, communication, marketing, content, and product designers? Has your team structure evolved over time to avoid these risks or have you set up any processes to break silos?

[Illustration by @jasongoodman]